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Reclaim Your Feminine Energy


For Leaders

Women in the West have historically tried to function like men in order to succeed.
Although this strategy works, it also comes at the expense of their health and leads to exhaustion and lack of energy when used unilaterally. What if not only female leaders, but all genders, discovered female resources and integrated them into their leadership style?

If you are a determined, ambitious person and long to make your best possible contribution to this society, this course is for you.


This shows that you need some feminine energy: Do you feel like you give too much and do too much, and often feel exhausted by the myriad demands placed on you, even though you try your best to live a balanced life?

Group Workshops for Companies, Universities

The programme is aimed at employees of all management levels in companies and institutions as well as academics.


The aim is to dissolve one's own blocks to health and vitality, and to acquire knowledge on how to deal with oneself in a caring way and receive support where needed. Emotional intelligence, creativity, intuition, introspection and spontaneity are promoted.


Form of workshops and courses: Interactive, practical and reflective seminars with group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, individual preparation work, theoretical inputs on the respective topics from psychology, technique exercises from artistic practice.


Duration: 1 day. 


Form: Face-to-face event. A digital version is also possible. 


The number of participants is flexible. 

The workshops are held in German, French or English. 

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