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Individual Coaching

My coaching is for you if you have one of the following wishes:

  • Desire for more energy, joy of living, and inner freedom. 

  • Desire for more meaning in life

  • Desire for more anchors in life or dealing with existential fears

  • Learning to deal constructively and mindfully with unpleasant emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, frustration, despair, guilt, shame, etc.

  • Dissolving repressed emotions in a mindful framework

  • Changing emotional imprints, e.g. traumas from childhood. 

I use coaching methods that work simultaneously on a mental, emotional and physical level. These include systematic questioning, belief work, working with the inner child, mindfulness techniques, body exercises, as well as targeted knowledge transfer. 


Every emotion is based on physical-energetic processes. In the meantime, we know from trauma research that the conscious physical perception of emotions is central so that they do not lead to inner blockages. In this way, the emotion and its message can be explored. 

In each session I evaluate which methods support you best at the moment.

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