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Design Your Future - Create a Fulfilling Work and Career


Individual coaching

You are still studying, or you are already in your professional life. Nevertheless, you constantly have the feeling that what you are doing is not exactly right for you. Do you feel dissatisfied, demotivated, empty, unfulfilled, unhappy, lacking energy when it comes to your studies or your work? 

The question is: should you reorient yourself? How? Start all over again and give your career a new direction? Adapt something? But how do you make the right decision, i.e. how can you ensure that you are really satisfied with your choice in the future? 

This is where I guide you.

Our sessions: We go the way of introspection; from there you design a professional or career concept. This way you clarify your vision for your professional future. Then we create a step-by-step plan and start to implement it. 

In my experience, this process takes a minimum between 4 and12 sessions. You also have personal access to exclusive resources online on my website: exercises, e-books, etc.

Take your future into your own hands and shape it.

Workshops for Universities, other educational institutions and Companies


The programme is aimed at undergraduate students, PhD students, postdocs and other researchers from various fields who desire fulfilment and satisfaction in their careers and want to acquire the necessary tools to achieve this goal. 


The aim is to understand what the formula and philosophy is for sustainable satisfaction and fulfilment in one's career, and to learn about and apply a reliable guidance model in career decisions. 



Form of the workshops and courses: Interactive, practical and reflective seminars with group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, individual preparation work, theoretical inputs on the respective topics from psychology, technique exercises from artistic practice.


Duration: 2 full days. A condensed version of one day is also possible.


Form: Face-to-face event. A digital version is also possible. 


Number of participants: flexible. 

The workshops and courses are held in German, French or English.


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