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Be the most brilliant version of yourself.


Get ready to bring a new dimension to your professional life and look forward to Mondays from now on.

I am a career consultant - I am here to rethink your professional life together with you (with lots of care and good energy) so you can really enjoy doing your work in the future. I combine psychology, analysis, professional experience, strategy and a lot of empathy to find out life-changing insights for you. These insights give you new perspectives to reshape or redesign your career path so that you feel truly alive, inspired and motivated at work, with a sense of purpose. I have experienced it myself.

About me - creative, highly sensitive (HSP="Highly Sensitive Person"), constantly analysing (because I want to understand), fine and precise perception, have settled in many cultures, stage person, diplomatic, love aesthetics, communicative, have a spontaneous gift for improvisation, am empathic, spiritual and rich in experiences.

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"If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney 












Join us for a transformative Retreat: we'll dive into embracing our true selves and let go of negativity as we step into the New Year.

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